COMMVAULT Ransomware Protection

Ransomware being so prevalent these days it is important to protect your data from this corruption. Just as important is protecting your backups from falling foul of the same thing. Imagine if not only your servers data was encrypted but the backup data was also encrypted and you were left reaching for your tape or cloud data copy extending your recovery time and management pressure.


COMMVAULT added a new feature in v11 SP6 that allows you to protect your disk library mount points from ransomware. It’s simple to enable if your mount points are not network shares and if they are then you have a little more manual work to complete.

CV books online procedure can be followed…here.

To enable the feature simple right click your media agent server select properties, click the advanced tab and tick the box….job done (give it 20-30min to take hold).


Now the important part does it work….in testing yes…have I purposely run up a test system and isolated it and dropped a crypto on it to see what happens no.

The below screen shot is me trying to create a new file within the mount points, this is a local admin account, as you can see it works;


So in summary turn this feature on it could save you a load of time and grief.

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